We develop tools and services for the energy sector
We have strong experience in software development and HPC

We apply optimization, artificial intelligence, and other advanced mathematical modeling techniques

We are a part of the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Poland
We are fully self-funded via business and R&D projects


Structure of the Division:

  • Karol Wawrzyniak, PhD Eng, Head of IDEA
  • Michał Kłos, R&D, Large scale energy
  • Karol Wawrzyniak, Tomasz Chmiel, Distributed energy
  • Agata Słowikowska, Office Manager, Project Support Manager
  • Małgorzata Wojdat, Finance and HR Managers
  • Michał Izydorski, Technology infrastructure
  • Anna Kaczor, Karol Wawrzyniak, Tomasz Chmiel, Michał Szymczuk, Sales and Marketing Team



Interdisciplinary Division for Energy Analyses (IDEA) is a part of National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ). We are a uniquely autonomous division, we do not depend on scientific funding and cover our costs with business and research projects. We provide tools and services to optimise electricity markets and power grid infrastructure. The division provides models of power grid and markets for whole Europe for now and for the future. The division closely cooperates with numerous commercial partners, European TSOs and institutions.

The division is led by Karol Wawrzyniak, Ph.D.