Energy Revolution

Following an explosion of new technologies available in energy generation, the global energy industry experiences enormous changes often called  “the energy revolution”.

Distributed energy sources and systems, including renewables, rapidly transform the power systems’ landscape. That new landscape requires a brand new attitude and tools. IDEA wants to contribute to this industry by developing an ecosystem of innovation which will be tasked with creating top quality solutions for supporting strategy and operation.

The experience of other countries shows that such ecosystem of innovation is achieved only in a cooperative environment encompassing a variety of partners. As a result, it becomes necessary to create an impulse for cooperation between stakeholders in the energy sector, starting from large capital groups, through research institutes, universities and small and medium-sized enterprises existing in the industry.

The main goals of ecosystem of innovation are as follows:

  1. Taking active role in the emerging opportunities and challenges that the power industry faces due to technological and societal change.
  2. Development of the culture of cooperation, both institutional and interpersonal, inside and outside the power industry (science institutions, start-ups, etc.).
  3. Providing concrete products and solutions that both react to, and are a drive for the energy revolution.
To achieve the goals we have already introduced following tools:
    • National Centre for Energy Analyses (NCAE) – an R&D center jointly established by NCBJ/IDEA, the Polish TSO (PSE S.A.) and PSE Innovation. NCAE enables a very close cooperation between IDEA and the TSO.
    • Environment of start-ups – it allows for transferring technologies from the Institute to business partners based on licensing model.
    • “Duos” – R&D program with scholarship that stimulates an efficient collaboration between research institutes/universities and TSOs. Program is established together with PSE S.A.
    • Internship program – summer initiative for international participants that invites junior researchers to exchange knowledge by offering them involvement in cutting-edge projects.

The forthcoming steps are:

    • Releasing the manufactured software under open source license to enhance the transparency and boost collaboration.
    • Establishing a virtual institute in the field of power system economics.
    • Identification of topics within the projects that meet the criteria of industrial doctorates. Promotion of candidates.