Balancing analysis and optimization tools for microgrids


Our tools may be found relevant at the stage of the microgrid (or the so-called energy cluster) operational planning – selecting and sizing the power sources to satisfy the demand in a way minimizing the cost and maximizing the market revenues, both in a short and long-term horizon. Moreover, during the microgrids real-time operations, it is possible to include the optimization of the offers of the microgrid to the external energy market, in a way maximizing the microgrids profits and maintaining the security of supply to the microgrid’s internal users.


We understand the microgrid (energy cluster) as a potential form of the organisation of the energy market players and participants. As a civil legal agreement it enables joining the energy consumers, producers and local municipalities in order to optimize the energy production mix portfolio and security of supply. Our product however applies directly also to any other local energy systems like distributed energy systems of local manufacturing conglomerates, tourist resorts, commercial and/or office areas, university/military/hospitals campuses, housing cooperatives, etc.


Our tools include probabilistic approaches to optimizing multidimensional problems of distributed energy systems construction and operations: power sources, base vs. mid merit and peak resources, its weather dependencies, energy storage, risk management (national system supply failures), consumption patterns, national grids interface, peak and volatility optimization, etc.