Energy market and power grids data visualisation tools


Our visualisation toolbox provides an easy way to understand and interact with the growing volume of data generated in a variety of energy systems processes. It projects the data on the map of Europe and creates dashboards with key statistics. Most of all, it shows significant flexibility in terms of data sources and applications that may be desired by the user.


Every day, in the variety of business processes in power industry, users and systems generate space and time related data. For example, hourly power flow volume between countries is returned by congestion models, measurement systems, market transactions, grid elements status (including overloads) or declared export and import. Due to growing demand for transparency of operators’ activity more data in various formats is collected and needs to be analysed to provide insight into further processes.


Centralized visualisation of variety of data sources allows the user to explore the dependences between contingencies with respect to time and location.