SysFlex H2020


EU-SysFlex is a H2020 project that stands for “Pan-European system with an efficient coordinated use of flexibilities for the integration of a large share of RES “. The project will come up with new types of services designed to meet the needs of the European power system with the share of renewable energy sources exceeding 50%. Moreover, it will find the right blend of flexibility and system services to support secure and resilient transmission system operation..


In this huge European project, we will develop a European Coordination tool of Cross-Border Remedial Actions, which could enhance the current process of coordination within TSOs against the unscheduled flows that used to appear in the power grid, together with the necessary cost sharing methodologies that should be joined to the coordination process.


The coordination of remedial actions poses challenges for optimization techniques resulting from the application of the tool in large scale power systems. Moreover, appropriate cost sharing methodologies have to be applied – in our approach they will be based on the unscheduled flows identification and methods stemming from the game theory.